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Runglawan Kettason

I am a graduate in Applied Thai Traditional Medicine: ATTM at Mahasarakham University. I have 10 years’ experience with working with Traditional Medicine, as a doctor at a public hospital in Thailand.

 Through a holistic approach to the body and mind, and with the use of herbs with non-chemical and therapeutic massage to treat patients is one part of my responsibility. In Europe ATTM is part of the alternative treatments possibilities and can be used in the healing of more than 100 disease. Many patients experience a reduction in the use of use NSAID Medicine for pain relief. This is a very successful way of treatment in Thailand.


Miss Sirintra Yuwarach

“Hello, nice to meet you

I’m  ATTM Dr. Sirintra Yuwarach. You can call me JB or Jeab.
I graduated the bachelor of Applied Thai Traditional Medicine (ATTM) from Mae Fah Luang university, Thailand. My work nvolve therapeutic massage and herbal medicine over than 4 years in ATTM practitioner position at government’s hospital, Thailand. I’m very passionate about powerful natural treatment and I’m so proud of being a member of therapeutic massage and therapy team. See you soon


Miss Supunsa Samutthai

I have a BA in Oriental medicin from Rangsit universitet in Bangkok. I used to work in the private sector in Thailand for 6 years. Here I worked alongside with physiotherapists with post operated patients. I am happy to be part of the Therapeutic Massage team and I am looking forward to giving you a threatment.

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